Thursday, 28 May 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes

Part 4. Buzzin fly Vs Diynamic

Paying homage to 2 of my all time favorite House music labels.

Click link, for summer joy.

1, Barbq "Barbi in love" (Buzzin fly)
2, Kimouts "Down to earth" (Buzzin fly)
3, Stimming "Kleine nacht musik" (Diynamic)
4, Ben watt "Just a blip" (Buzzin fly)
5, Solomun & Stimming "Eiszauber" Motor city soul remix
6, Pedro Madeira "Long shadows" (Buzzin fly)
7, Solomun "Federgewicht" Dub version (Diynamic)
8, Justine martin "Water song" (Buzzin fly)
9, Markus Homm/ Mihai Popoviciu/ Jay Bliss "Bis co"
10, Justin Martin "Fugitive" (Buzzin fly)
11, Hosh "Steppenwolf" (Diynamic)
12, Rocco "Roots 4 acid" (Buzzin fly)
13, Solomun "International hustle" (Diynamic)

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