Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Too Broad A Church Tribal

Tribal house is a form of electronic dance music derived from house music but being highly drum-centric and often without a core melody.

Danton Eeprom "Stilettos rising" (Infine Music)
Deep a & Biri "Twisted Tango" (Trapez Ltd)
Loco Dice "How do I know" Cassy remix (Desolat)
Flowing "The Bluesman" Lauhaus remix (Vivid Genre)
Nima Gorji "Keep on getting down" (Cecille)
Coyu & Edu Imbernon "Morena" (Diynamic)
Deep a & Biri "Mischievous" (Trapez Ltd)
Cascabel Gentz "Dirty Lips" Afrilounge remix (Einmaleins Musik)
Mathias Hinds "Karmabuona" (Aenaria)
Dominik Eulberg "Sansula" Jonas Koops Dubfreak remix (Traumschallplatten)
Kabale & Lauhaus "Makake" (Remote)
Oxia "Sun step" (8 Bit)
And I.D. "Lights on" (Mobilee)
Daze Maxim "Mudhole"
Namito "Iran" (Great stuff)

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wanted to get really Stripped down for this Mix. Beats that is. Started to think about complete Darkness and as a result these tracks presented themselves to me. No mastering. kept in all the sounds. Wanted Raw. Tribal Beats meats Harrowing Vocals meats Moody Electronica. Embrace both light and Dark Peace.

Kirk Douglas feat Jenny D "Deeper into you" (City West records)
Parov Stellar "Faith" Walkner Hintenaus Dub (Etage Noir)
Peter Grummich "Seagultech" (District of corruption)
Cameo "Dub Me Ohne" Dana Ruh S Ohne Remix (Clink Music)
Pole Folder "Hollow" Angel Alanis Remix (La Tour Florian Meindl "La Nuit" (My Best Friend)
Veitengruber "Bon Melange" Afrilounge Remix (8Bit)
DOP "I Love Us" David K Break Mix (Circus Company)
DOP "Stock Option" (Circus Company)
Mike Mind "Resonate" Hobo Remix (Turbo)
STL "Im Backwards" (Same thing)
Dapayk & Padberg "Deiner Liebe Tisch" Wighnomy Brothers Meiner Einer Deiner Remix

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Too Broad A Church: Reality Curves

Minimal meets Beats meets Melody.

Change comes with perspective.

1, Efdemin "Stately Yes" (Dial)
2, Pigon "Beau Monde" (Dial)
3, Reboot "Three Rows" (Raum)
4, Daniel Steinberg "Uptown" (Front room)
5, Gummi...Hz "Robo" (Mobilee)
6, Ben Klock "October" (B pitch control)
7, Sebo K & Metro "Transit2 Scuba remix (Get physical)
8, John Tejada "Artificial Body" (Palette)
9, Bogdan Rhadoo "Platonic" (INgrooves workout)
10, Gaiser "Withdrawal" (M_Nus)
11, Loco Dice "How do I know" Cassy remix (Desolat)
12, Minilogue "Inca" (Wir)
13, Tolgan Fidan "All pressure is relief" (Vakant)
14, kiki & oliver koletzki "Dont forget to go home" (B pitch control)
15, Monika Cruse "Changes of perception" (Term)

Thursday, 22 October 2009


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Over there.

Look right hand side.

There you go

Friday, 9 October 2009

On no level can these things I describe be indicative of my understanding that is the great language (English by the way) and how it is used.



Cash and carry legendary Sagitarri(us) style's wary
And it's very necessary get it clearly
Never scary barely worried bright and early
Bald head straight or curly mundane other worldly
No chain now the jewelry that jackers can't snatch
The gingerbread the slave masters can't catch
Blat! Now put your minds on that
Get real or get back quit frontin and face facts
The old timers say we're living in the final days
Gun smoke young folks living any kind of way
Gangster holiday greedy snakes and hideaways
Meanwhile soldiers take it straight through their armor plates
Crash hit the market gates marvels of the modern age
Access is instant and treachery is commonplace
I sense the dangers and I'm not afraid
Because when all is said and done there's only ONE

Man up playboy playing the game boy
Pull back spectacular aim boy
Say what you say boy whoever could make noise
And ride range off in the same voice
Conduct an arrangement with definite language
It's pure inspiration for this generation
Speak true free love (?)
Because when all is said and done there's only ONE

And the one can done so cool
Schooling the young like Rev. Run ("whose house?")
Quote pop and 'til they keep their heads up
And when the pressure comes down press back and press up
Fret not ghetto world guess what
God is on your side the devil is a lie
The Empire holds all the gold and the guns
But when all is said and done there's only...


Practice doesn't make perfect, PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Chairs Are My Enemy

Recently I have been neglecting writing. Recently I have been having dramatic falls from chairs. About a month ago I was standing hunched down on a plastic chair whilst on the phone. I fell through the chair and scraped my shins. They were bleeding. It hurt. What was hardest though was that I couldn't release my pain cos I didn't want to sound weird on the phone. I got stuck in that chair and had a little cry. Only from the left eye though. The creative side. I Felt a little like my left foot, Big 2 by the way, when I used to go to clarks. That big machine, remember. I was sad.

Then again today. I was stood on a wooden chair out back because I recently watched Laputa Castle in the sky of Ghibli fame and I was looking for a castle behind the clouds. There was no castle but there where clouds. On descent the chair wobbled. Time slowed down. I could feel it on the move but thought I was better than any chair. Wrong. It fought back and sacrificed itself for the victory with complete self destruction. What dedication. Gravity is a bitch and I landed on my left cheek, elbow and ankle. Fucking ankle. Least the sky was pink.

P.S. 12.15 friday (afternoon) NASA is shooting a rocket into the moon TO MEASURE THE AMOUNTS OF WATER VAPOUR. Not as dead as we thought. Or told.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Amazing new picture of the width side of Saturns B ring.
P.S. You have to click on the pic for the full effect

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Owl Head

Can't wait for them to get to work on Idiot Face

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Woven spirals 2

Second crop circle with a weave

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes: Melbourne Reach Around

It has been drawn to my attention that I am well received on the gay circuit in Melbourne. With that said here's the reach around

1, UNKLE "Hold my hand" (Innervissions)
2, Bender & Sevensol "Evol Peel" (Kann records)
3, Dustin Zahn "Wet skin" (Mindshake recordings)
4, Moodymanc "Snore" (Dessous)
5, John Puzzle "Orientation" (Sintope)
6, Luca Bacchetti "City Souls" (Tenax recordings)
7, Coyu & Edu Imbernon "El Baile Alemon" (Liebe Detail)
8, Kaiserdisco "Descalzo" (My best friend)
9, Amir "Syria" (Great stuff recordings)
10, Karolin Mueller "Blinky" (Hi freaks)
11, Mark Broom "Melting pot" (Saved records)

Friday, 31 July 2009

Squares also

Farmer dunt like this one

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Well Maybe this crop circle didn't predict a solar flare. Maybe it wasn't trying to maybe it was predicting this

July 22, 2009, bright aurora suddenly and surprisingly glowed
in the Northern latitudes because NOAA explains, “a crack opened in Earth's
magnetic field, allowing solar wind to pour in and fuel the storm. Northern Lights
descended as far south as the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa and Wisconsin. The solar wind is still blowing, but the crack has closed, bringing an end to the aurora lights.”
Who knows

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Solar Flare prediction crop circle.

Is this a crop circle predicting a solar flare during the eclipse that will take place tomorrow (22nd) Check out the sun and moon in eclipse position in the middle of the formation and the solar flare coming out of it in the right hand corner. I don't know but we will find out soon enough.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes

Part 9: Too Broad A Church. Vath Ology Ost

Techno loveliness Sven Vath Esque. Click-Play-Listen

1, Ben Klock "Before one" (Ostgut Tonträger)
2, Gaiser "Neural block" (m_nus)
3, Dominik Eulberg "Die Grunschenkel Im Blauen Priel" (Traum)
4, Freakx Brothers "Tension".Popof Remix (Cr2)
5, Kleinschmager Audio "Audio 1" (Rrygular)
6, Paul Kalkbrenner "Torted" (Bpitch control)
7, Technasia "Oxide 2". Renato Cohen Remix (Techanasia Records)
8, Lucio Aquilina "My cube" (Cocoon)
9, Tony Rohr "Marriot Acid" (Podium)