Thursday, 8 October 2009

Chairs Are My Enemy

Recently I have been neglecting writing. Recently I have been having dramatic falls from chairs. About a month ago I was standing hunched down on a plastic chair whilst on the phone. I fell through the chair and scraped my shins. They were bleeding. It hurt. What was hardest though was that I couldn't release my pain cos I didn't want to sound weird on the phone. I got stuck in that chair and had a little cry. Only from the left eye though. The creative side. I Felt a little like my left foot, Big 2 by the way, when I used to go to clarks. That big machine, remember. I was sad.

Then again today. I was stood on a wooden chair out back because I recently watched Laputa Castle in the sky of Ghibli fame and I was looking for a castle behind the clouds. There was no castle but there where clouds. On descent the chair wobbled. Time slowed down. I could feel it on the move but thought I was better than any chair. Wrong. It fought back and sacrificed itself for the victory with complete self destruction. What dedication. Gravity is a bitch and I landed on my left cheek, elbow and ankle. Fucking ankle. Least the sky was pink.

P.S. 12.15 friday (afternoon) NASA is shooting a rocket into the moon TO MEASURE THE AMOUNTS OF WATER VAPOUR. Not as dead as we thought. Or told.


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schmemma said...

this proves conclusively that chairs are meant to be sat on, rather than stood or crouched on..