Friday, 24 April 2009

Its Back



Number 9. 6/5/09



29/04/09 200ft beast

28/04/09. aerial view tomorrow me thinks

Yeah you guessed it crop circle season in Wiltshire England baby. Two today





Stay tuned there will be a lot more.

Ooooooh there just done by piss heads on the way back from the pub!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Part 3. Too Broad A Church: Breaks

Thought I would "Break" Bread with his holiness the "J" Man on the public holiday. Expect your body to react independently to your mind.

Click Me for Jesus

1, Ice House "Don't Believe Anymore" (diVA records)
2, Jiva "Strange Dimensions" (Bedrock Breaks)
3, God Within "Rain cry" Vance Musgove remix (Hardkiss)
4, Unlinked "Fades Reconstructed" (Functional Breaks)
5, Jon Fernandez "Colours of Conscience" (Electrofly)
6, Ben and Lex "Cosa Nostra" (Functional Breaks)
7, Freestylers " Here We go" Plump DJ's remix (Fingerlickin)
8, Pod & Bowser "The Anti" (Vinyl Addiction)
9, Infusion "Legacy" Junkie XL remix (Audio Therapy)
10, Habersham "Follow the White Rabbit" ( Audio Therapy)
11, Operators "Fuhrball" (Lobotomy records)
12, Bjork "Undo" Raposada Brothers remix (White label)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes

Part 2: Tribalism

Covered myself in dense forest for this mix. More beats than you could throw a shed at

1, Chemical Brothers "Battle Scars" Beyond the Wizards
Sleeve Re-animation (New State)
2, Samba La Casa "Papi Chalo" (White Label)
3, Per Eckbo Orchestra "Beat Bravo" (Oslo)
4, Nick Holder "Magic Carpet Ride" Paradise 3 (NRK)
5, Mihalis Safris ft Noi Doi "Chicas Latinas" (Great Stuff
6, Tim Sheridan/ Jon Carter "Justice Is A Must" (Saville
Row Records)
7, Sycohant Slags "Telling" (Poker Flat)
8, Dj Gregory "Elle" EOL Ritual (Defected)
9, Mutant Clan "Kenesai" (Connaisseur Records)
10, Santos "Feel Like Onassis (Mantra/Royal Drums)
11, Timo Maas "Subtellite" (Cocoon)
12, Miss Pheonix "Up Out Of Here" Acapella (Bedrock)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes

For those who like to dance. Please feel free. Just click

1, Radioactive man "Uranium" (Rotters golf club) 2001
2, Solomun "Ghost Dog" (Diynamic) 2008
3, Bamboola Prod "Bahira" dr kachos rmx (Slip n Slide)2005
4, Daniel Taylor "Mord" (Four Twenty records) 2005
5, Cass "Revelations" (Fire records) 2001
6, Hertz "Acinium" (Atom records) 2007
7, Rene Amesz "Spicy Slice" (3beat Deep) 2004
8, Tigerskin "Non Chalant" (Absurd records) 2008
9, Layo & Bushwacka " Less is more" (Olmetore) 2008
10, Tigerskin & Antilope "Wemmerharfen" (Kompass) 2007
11, West London Deep "Unknown" (white label) 2004-2006
12, Omenom "Biafra" (Volt 9 recordings) 2009

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Yesterday I went to Manchester. My favorite thing there is the imperial war museum. Its my new favorite shaped building. Why? Because it is so futuristic and the side of it reminds me of a cylon from battle star gallactica.