Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes

Part 2: Tribalism

Covered myself in dense forest for this mix. More beats than you could throw a shed at

1, Chemical Brothers "Battle Scars" Beyond the Wizards
Sleeve Re-animation (New State)
2, Samba La Casa "Papi Chalo" (White Label)
3, Per Eckbo Orchestra "Beat Bravo" (Oslo)
4, Nick Holder "Magic Carpet Ride" Paradise 3 (NRK)
5, Mihalis Safris ft Noi Doi "Chicas Latinas" (Great Stuff
6, Tim Sheridan/ Jon Carter "Justice Is A Must" (Saville
Row Records)
7, Sycohant Slags "Telling" (Poker Flat)
8, Dj Gregory "Elle" EOL Ritual (Defected)
9, Mutant Clan "Kenesai" (Connaisseur Records)
10, Santos "Feel Like Onassis (Mantra/Royal Drums)
11, Timo Maas "Subtellite" (Cocoon)
12, Miss Pheonix "Up Out Of Here" Acapella (Bedrock)