Thursday, 9 April 2009

Part 3. Too Broad A Church: Breaks

Thought I would "Break" Bread with his holiness the "J" Man on the public holiday. Expect your body to react independently to your mind.

Click Me for Jesus

1, Ice House "Don't Believe Anymore" (diVA records)
2, Jiva "Strange Dimensions" (Bedrock Breaks)
3, God Within "Rain cry" Vance Musgove remix (Hardkiss)
4, Unlinked "Fades Reconstructed" (Functional Breaks)
5, Jon Fernandez "Colours of Conscience" (Electrofly)
6, Ben and Lex "Cosa Nostra" (Functional Breaks)
7, Freestylers " Here We go" Plump DJ's remix (Fingerlickin)
8, Pod & Bowser "The Anti" (Vinyl Addiction)
9, Infusion "Legacy" Junkie XL remix (Audio Therapy)
10, Habersham "Follow the White Rabbit" ( Audio Therapy)
11, Operators "Fuhrball" (Lobotomy records)
12, Bjork "Undo" Raposada Brothers remix (White label)

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