Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Quite remarkably, one Mr David Baddiel of fantasy football fame said something last night that was very profound. In fact I was so jealous that I hadn't thought of it my self that after nodding prefusely I went in the huff. When trying to describe the failings of adults from there earlier childhood learning days he remarked that the adults who display character flaws (selfishness, ego centric, self delusional, self obsessed, confrontational, insecure, general twatish behaviour) were simply children who didn't learn the skill or trait know as empathy. To these people they haven't learned the importance of the feelings of others and haven't realised how people may perceive them and their behaviour.
So being the obsessed thinker that I am, I immediately jumped into the shower (my little haven for thoughts of a deeper nature) and tried to put his thinking to case studies of people who I think exhibit said traits. What I found was that indeed Baddiel too is deep and I'm still fucked off that I didn't get there first, and no you can't know who the case studies are!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Today I woke to a world gone mad. Its quite a sorry state of affairs when a man can be jailed for three whole years for throwing his shoes in the air. Im going back to bed, outside is fucked up.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Funktion 1

Many Of you will well know that sound is wonderful. Those who want to experience the sound in its purist form need to pay a little visit to digital. It doesn't matter what night you go to but I would recommend a dance night for best results. The funktion 1 sound system somehow delivers the clearest loudest music ever. When I was in the back room at shindig last night I experienced it head on. I was told that all its components have been changed and its performance has improved accordingly. Well believe me it has. Here is how I can best put it into words.
As you stand there a subtle wall of sound encompasses and surrounds your body. It feels like a protective force field that is residing about half a center meter away from your body. Now this wall of sound is constantly changing as you would expect it to. But the first sign of change I didn't hear, but felt, via the hairs on my cheeks. Face people.
What is astonishing Is that even though this sound system is so loud I could still hear my own voice in my head. When I say this I actually mean I could hear what my voice sounds like and not that I could hear my thoughts. A first for me in clubland as I often talk to myself when Im alone. This was nice to hear myself talking back.
There is a spiritual point to this, in that this sound system and new technology allows us to test how well designed we are. Im amazed at the effects that this thing can have on my mind and body but got the over whelming sense that it was an experience that I knew about, and had waited for.
I don't know, this is hard to describe. All I can say is that, the effect that this technology had on my whole body was unreal. I got the sense that It was what my body was designed for, being able to cope with such an extreme influence. I guess my point is that my body, and yours' design is so infinitely amazing, that its not until you test it with ridiculous technology that you begin to realise it.
Any one interested in an outing so I can better describe what I mean then yes I will take you there and show you. Otherwise you can check out the website. But that wont help you hear

Saturday, 7 March 2009

San Fran Bye Bye

Now listen hear. As many of you are aware I am totally engrossed in the Billy Meier case. In 1978 according to the testimony of Bret Andrews and Wendell Stevens, Billy showed them 11 photographs that he took of San Fransisco at the time of its next biggest earth quake. Apparently Billy had been taken forward in time to witness the event and so he took some pics. Again with his one arm.
According to Wendell and Bret Billy was not told by the off world buddies what the actual date was. He may have knew but didn't want to tell.
Anyway they analysed the photo graphs to see if there were any distinguishable land marks that would give a clue to the date.
They said that they could definitely identify the place as San Fransisco as there was a great big crack in the coit tower. They also noticed that the cars were a funny shape. Like a Lady bug. With roofs made of glass. With no wing mirrors.
Are we getting closer.
I don't Know.
But I ain't going to San Fran.