Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Quite remarkably, one Mr David Baddiel of fantasy football fame said something last night that was very profound. In fact I was so jealous that I hadn't thought of it my self that after nodding prefusely I went in the huff. When trying to describe the failings of adults from there earlier childhood learning days he remarked that the adults who display character flaws (selfishness, ego centric, self delusional, self obsessed, confrontational, insecure, general twatish behaviour) were simply children who didn't learn the skill or trait know as empathy. To these people they haven't learned the importance of the feelings of others and haven't realised how people may perceive them and their behaviour.
So being the obsessed thinker that I am, I immediately jumped into the shower (my little haven for thoughts of a deeper nature) and tried to put his thinking to case studies of people who I think exhibit said traits. What I found was that indeed Baddiel too is deep and I'm still fucked off that I didn't get there first, and no you can't know who the case studies are!

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