Saturday, 7 March 2009

San Fran Bye Bye

Now listen hear. As many of you are aware I am totally engrossed in the Billy Meier case. In 1978 according to the testimony of Bret Andrews and Wendell Stevens, Billy showed them 11 photographs that he took of San Fransisco at the time of its next biggest earth quake. Apparently Billy had been taken forward in time to witness the event and so he took some pics. Again with his one arm.
According to Wendell and Bret Billy was not told by the off world buddies what the actual date was. He may have knew but didn't want to tell.
Anyway they analysed the photo graphs to see if there were any distinguishable land marks that would give a clue to the date.
They said that they could definitely identify the place as San Fransisco as there was a great big crack in the coit tower. They also noticed that the cars were a funny shape. Like a Lady bug. With roofs made of glass. With no wing mirrors.
Are we getting closer.
I don't Know.
But I ain't going to San Fran.

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