Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Too Broad A Church Tribal

Tribal house is a form of electronic dance music derived from house music but being highly drum-centric and often without a core melody.

Danton Eeprom "Stilettos rising" (Infine Music)
Deep a & Biri "Twisted Tango" (Trapez Ltd)
Loco Dice "How do I know" Cassy remix (Desolat)
Flowing "The Bluesman" Lauhaus remix (Vivid Genre)
Nima Gorji "Keep on getting down" (Cecille)
Coyu & Edu Imbernon "Morena" (Diynamic)
Deep a & Biri "Mischievous" (Trapez Ltd)
Cascabel Gentz "Dirty Lips" Afrilounge remix (Einmaleins Musik)
Mathias Hinds "Karmabuona" (Aenaria)
Dominik Eulberg "Sansula" Jonas Koops Dubfreak remix (Traumschallplatten)
Kabale & Lauhaus "Makake" (Remote)
Oxia "Sun step" (8 Bit)
And I.D. "Lights on" (Mobilee)
Daze Maxim "Mudhole"
Namito "Iran" (Great stuff)

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wanted to get really Stripped down for this Mix. Beats that is. Started to think about complete Darkness and as a result these tracks presented themselves to me. No mastering. kept in all the sounds. Wanted Raw. Tribal Beats meats Harrowing Vocals meats Moody Electronica. Embrace both light and Dark Peace.

Kirk Douglas feat Jenny D "Deeper into you" (City West records)
Parov Stellar "Faith" Walkner Hintenaus Dub (Etage Noir)
Peter Grummich "Seagultech" (District of corruption)
Cameo "Dub Me Ohne" Dana Ruh S Ohne Remix (Clink Music)
Pole Folder "Hollow" Angel Alanis Remix (La Tour Florian Meindl "La Nuit" (My Best Friend)
Veitengruber "Bon Melange" Afrilounge Remix (8Bit)
DOP "I Love Us" David K Break Mix (Circus Company)
DOP "Stock Option" (Circus Company)
Mike Mind "Resonate" Hobo Remix (Turbo)
STL "Im Backwards" (Same thing)
Dapayk & Padberg "Deiner Liebe Tisch" Wighnomy Brothers Meiner Einer Deiner Remix