Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Too Broad A Church Tribal

Tribal house is a form of electronic dance music derived from house music but being highly drum-centric and often without a core melody.

Danton Eeprom "Stilettos rising" (Infine Music)
Deep a & Biri "Twisted Tango" (Trapez Ltd)
Loco Dice "How do I know" Cassy remix (Desolat)
Flowing "The Bluesman" Lauhaus remix (Vivid Genre)
Nima Gorji "Keep on getting down" (Cecille)
Coyu & Edu Imbernon "Morena" (Diynamic)
Deep a & Biri "Mischievous" (Trapez Ltd)
Cascabel Gentz "Dirty Lips" Afrilounge remix (Einmaleins Musik)
Mathias Hinds "Karmabuona" (Aenaria)
Dominik Eulberg "Sansula" Jonas Koops Dubfreak remix (Traumschallplatten)
Kabale & Lauhaus "Makake" (Remote)
Oxia "Sun step" (8 Bit)
And I.D. "Lights on" (Mobilee)
Daze Maxim "Mudhole"
Namito "Iran" (Great stuff)

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