Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Too Broad A Church Live 107 Spark Fm

Every week I will be posting my show for listen again facilities and for listeners outside of my area to check it out. If you want to listen live in the coming weeks to the best Underground dance releases every Monday 9-11pm English time

Track list 22/03/10
Aaron Hedges & Dan D “Transparent Motives” (District of corruption)
Bron “Splash Back” (Danksoul records)
Ramadanman “I beg you” (Hessle audio)
XX “Crystalised” Dark sky remix (XL records)
Scuba “Three sided shape” (Hessle audio)
Mount Kimble “William” Tamo Sumo & Prosumer remix (Hot flush)
Deep child “Fire2 Casey Van Blab remix (Trapez)
Ramadanman “Don’t change for me” (Hessle audio)
Four tet “Sing” (Domino)
Flying lotus “Computer face/Pure being” (Warp)
Autechre “0=0″ (Warp0
Kid A “Lovely” (Infine music)
Oxia “Less time” (Unreleased)
The Same “Szarpiesz Minerwa” (White label)
Bukaddor & Fishbeck “Smile” (My best friend)
Marcel Deetmanm “Captivate” (Ostgun ton)

Label of the week:
Hessle Audio
Hotflush records

Artist of the week:
Agoria (balance cd review)

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