Thursday, 26 February 2009

William Herschel

So I have just been to a lecture at Newcastle uni. Its part of a series and open to anyone so I strongly recommend them for anyone.

This one was about the late Mr Herschel, musician and later in life a renound astronomer. He discovered Uranus.
It was really good.

Monday, 23 February 2009

CCTV for Dog Shit

Whilst in my lovely back yard I had the privilege of hearing the most ridiculous conversation I have ever heard. It goes.

Charva women number 1: "There's a fuckin. big bit there."

Charva women number 2: "A NAAAAA. There's a a fuckin big pile of shit down there
an alll."

Charva women number 1: "It must be fuckin people walking their fucking dogs

It was at this point that my brain nearly had an aneurysm as my laughing was so severe. I thought to myself these two women are hilarious. Not only are they some sort of a genius detective duo, they are also hoping that the culprit is in ear shot (which was about 50 meters)and now knows that they are on to them. I could imagine some wolf hound somewhere frantically packing his bags and looking for his doggy passport. Thinking, "My god they are on to me."

But that was not the end of it:

Charva women number 2: "Eye ave phoned the fuckin council like. Ive told
them. A want fuckin cameras in the street to watch
for all this shit man."

I cant imagine the inner workings of a brain that would seriously contemplate the spending of thousands of pounds on state of the art surveillance equipment because of two piles of dog shit.

Oh well at least it cost her money for the phone call

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Friend Caroline has perfectly captured me in an incredible likeness to what I would love my future career to be. God bless you Gibbons.

So at the minute I am having real problems with digital clocks. It would seem that every time I look at one this is what happens. I am left thinking wow I cant believe I looked at this clock and the hours were the same as the minutes. Exactly the same percentage chance of any other two combinations of numbers. But in my head it always seems so much more special and has a more cosmic significance. 3:33 is a current favourite on mornings when I wake up to beg Emma to switch the light off and go to bed. Sometimes I think these clocks are alive and out to get me. Fortunately I have met the 6:66 variation yet. Pheeeeeeeeeew.

Red Rain

This is a picture of a sample of rain that fell in a region of India periodically over 3 months this year. This professor has done simple replicating experiments on It and has come to this conclusion which I think is cool

“ ...Organisms replicating at 300 degrees Celsius
and showing this kind of auto fluorescence are currently
unknown to exist on earth, which is again an indication supporting
the view that these cells are possibly extraterrestrial.”

- Godfrey Louis, Ph.D., Physics,
Cochin University, Kerala, India

Its made me wonder about the possibilities of tonnes of off world material that ends up on our planet. Or it could be just massive mutation from dirty old vauxhall's.
I must ponder more

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


So below is an area of mars that is very interesting to me anyway. Cydonia is the area that both the Russians and the Americans have photographed over the past 30 years. Please feel free to click on the picture and zoom in using your computer to look for the things I am talking about. Anyway not only did the two countries find a two mile wide symetrical shaped structure (masser as NASA call it) that is shaped like a human face. "Fuck me, a human face you say". "Yes a human face". "But you can see a face in anything people say". "Yes you can".

What I find interesting about this structure is that the scientific data seems to show that the symetrical face shaped structure is made from a different material from that of the surrounding environment. We know this via photographic techniques to measure temperature. The face shaped structure retains heat for a longer period of time than the area which surrounds it. Therefore suggesting that the very elements that construct it are different from the surface material that surrounds it.

The Russians took a lot of infared pictures of the face shaped object and found that surrounding it there where lots of square shaped patterns of heat below the surface. These square patterns were caused because the material that they are made of is different to the surrounding environment and therefore show up in a different light spectrum. The Square shaped patterns resemble the types of ruins that we usually find on earth. Ie walls that are in a square formation, that are ruins, found under the ground.

Moving West from the face you come to a very interesting formation of which look like mountains. 5 sided and pyramidal in shape. Hmmmmm Pyramid. Again made out of the same material as the face and different from the surrounding environment due to there ability to retain heat.

Other strange looking structures in these region have been graphically mapped and a pattern has been found, according to one Richard Hoagland (science advisor to cbs news for all of the early NASA missions) He supposedly has found a pattern in the formation of sites of interest at cydonia that links to the exchange and flow of energy found in planets within our solar system. So far he has managed to use this plan to predict energy conditions on Earth, Jupiter and Mercury, I think.

If this interests you then I would recommend you google video richard hoaglands press conference at NASA's goddard space centre. If you want a much more in depth view then try Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara. Its a hard book to read because it has a lot of scientific data. But its awesome.

Cydonia. My favourite peice of mars

The Representation of the people Acts

I have just been learning about the history of the UK's legislation with regards to the electoral system. Basically it is a piece of legislation that is aimed at limiting corruption or illegal acts in the electoral system and it has had lots of amendments through the last 150 years.

Learning about it was a stark reminder that as a country and indeed as humans we are not that advanced. (this is my opinion) Yes we may be, in comparisons to other less developed countries that have very stringent religous beliefs, or full on war monger dictators or who have on some level been ripped apart by the western world by putting war mongers in power through the ages.

But learning about the Representation of People act has made me realise that our nation will, and has through time only responded to situations through the the actions of mass groups.
Take the most significant reform of 1918 of women's right to vote. I say women's as if it suggests all. Not infact all but only those who meet the residentual status that the government of that time warrants and providing they are over 30. Men at this time had the right to vote as long as they resided somewhere and were over 21. Hmmmmm if women were given that pleasure post world war 1 then they would have dominated the voting population of britain as most of the men were very dead. I wonder if the world would have changed. I wonder why they werent given this right. (this is sarcasim)
Through subsequent years the next major reform would effect what I would call the second biggest down trodden group. Those affected by age. Such reforms saw women under 30 allowed to vote then all people under 21 to 18.
In recent years changes have regarded groups of poeple like ex pats, people on holliday, convicts and disabled people.
So whats my point?
My point is that I dont like change to a certain area of life or type of person being solely effected over time as a numbers game. I want to live in a world were the system (which is what I am going to term as the powers at be, goverment and high industry leaders, oh and the military bastards) drip feeds change to people as a direct result of pressure that a mass group places on them.
I want to live in a world where, yes we look after the interests of groups who need help most but dont look after groups of people who dont have the numbers to kick up a fuss.
How do you do this.
I think from the bottom up.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Eyes at Gigs

So last night I went to gig at the cluny. It was good but the sound is rubbish. Vibrations everywhere. It wasn't until the last song, when I had decided to sit down that I realised that in future I am going to close my eyes at gigs. Its so much more enjoyable. If I can find a piece of vibrating wood to stand against, all the better for me. I thought wouldnt it be good to be issued with a suit that you put on before you go in that reacts to sounds vibrations. I could actually, maybe contimplate liking reggea if someone invented said suit.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

So last night me and my girlfriend Emma had a really good discussion about stuff. I believe that human beings have a separate entity or soul that is not bound by the restrictions of the body. Ie I believe that the mind can exist outside of the material world. Thus is capable of transferring itself past death. Emma believes the opposite. She thinks that people are born with a mind or soul that is fixed to the body. In essence she thinks that you are not born with a soul that has a personality imprinted on it.
Ha ha I here you say if you have ever been around when we have discussed the issue of whether gay people are born gay, or its their life experiences that determine their sexuality. I say ha because Emma believes that gay people are born gay which implies that she believes that the soul per say is born with an identity which goes against what she really thinks which I have written about at the beginning.
Make your mind up MJ.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Recently I watch a very old documentary with the great Arthur C Clark. Renowned author and script writer. Also the first person to suggest that vegetation, ie trees maybe visible in early Russian photos taken by their probes. Anyway In this documentary he talked about the moon and about how it was made of cheese. Ha I jest. More interesting is the fact that he relays information like the sun being 500 times bigger than the moon but exactly 500 times the distance it needs to be away from it for the moon to totally blot out its light. To the nearest millimeter. This is amazing and people should find the documentary.
If you are interested in the moon then please feel free to look at research done by Richard Hoagland @ or John Lear (be carefull hes a wacko)@, or keith laney @ If your really into it then you could try a find a copy of Billy Meiers supposed picture of Earth along time ago with two moons orbiting it. Neither of which is the present one apparently.

My Music preferences

I guess its about time that I shared with the masses some of the things I like to listen to. I am dance crazy. At the minute I am totally bumming European artists like Solomun ( I looooove Pokerflat recordings where you can find such niceties as argy, cle, steve bug and ryo murakami. I also frequent mobolee records who is the home to ellen alien and co and the wonderful anja schneider. Recently I am trying to get back in to tribal in a big way so I am open to lots of suggestions for new artists. I love my new pioneer cdj, and im going to play with it lots and lots. If anyone else would like a go then come on.
Ohhhh yeah i found a band that lots of people have remixed called the vegetable orchestra. They play vegetables. Honestly.
If you like dance music then you should also check out minilogue and his side project called imps. In the words of one Mr axel they are pure minimal techno. Enjoy

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Community support police people thingies

How amazing to find on my travels to university on the beloved metro, a community police person who smiles. Not only was she smiling she was beautiful. Beautiful I hear you say? Yes I say. Being all things cynical I started to wonder that maybe she was recruited because of this beauty, as a tool to calm bad people who are about to kick right off.

I then started to realise that her make up was perfect. I had never seen a police person with make up before. How could this be? What would happen if in the heat of action someone threw some water in her beautiful face? She would be compromised.

Instantly I was drawn to thinking that me, watching her, watching me, watching her, was counter productive. I was drawn to her beauty, which instantly made me look guilty. Was she doing her job or does she just love being looked at?

I don't know.

Fucking Rozza's