Thursday, 12 February 2009

My Music preferences

I guess its about time that I shared with the masses some of the things I like to listen to. I am dance crazy. At the minute I am totally bumming European artists like Solomun ( I looooove Pokerflat recordings where you can find such niceties as argy, cle, steve bug and ryo murakami. I also frequent mobolee records who is the home to ellen alien and co and the wonderful anja schneider. Recently I am trying to get back in to tribal in a big way so I am open to lots of suggestions for new artists. I love my new pioneer cdj, and im going to play with it lots and lots. If anyone else would like a go then come on.
Ohhhh yeah i found a band that lots of people have remixed called the vegetable orchestra. They play vegetables. Honestly.
If you like dance music then you should also check out minilogue and his side project called imps. In the words of one Mr axel they are pure minimal techno. Enjoy

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Anonymous said...

your profile picture never fails to exercise my face, what were you thinking ? - it was you who instigated the set-up.. i remember it well considering i had smoked 2/3's of a bushy bush and drank enough cider to rot the enamel off a sabertoothed-tigers teef. 1, 2, 3, lift off.. snap.. whoa.. shit.. laughter ensues..

I am told i have rhesus negative blood and as a result cannot be cloned, dont know why, but there is something here, something not quite right, why can 85% or so theoreticaly be cloned - maybe my 'pieces' would get irreversibly scrambled in the replicator and i would appear 'fly 2' style on a planet under a sea of spatulas. This, the constant battle of the diluted minority, blogging a dead horse..