Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Community support police people thingies

How amazing to find on my travels to university on the beloved metro, a community police person who smiles. Not only was she smiling she was beautiful. Beautiful I hear you say? Yes I say. Being all things cynical I started to wonder that maybe she was recruited because of this beauty, as a tool to calm bad people who are about to kick right off.

I then started to realise that her make up was perfect. I had never seen a police person with make up before. How could this be? What would happen if in the heat of action someone threw some water in her beautiful face? She would be compromised.

Instantly I was drawn to thinking that me, watching her, watching me, watching her, was counter productive. I was drawn to her beauty, which instantly made me look guilty. Was she doing her job or does she just love being looked at?

I don't know.

Fucking Rozza's


trace said...

she wouldn't be compromised if she was wearing maybelline's volum' express lift-up mascara. smashing stuff.

t x

schmemma said...

oi..stop perving on policewoman you big perv..

Northern Gent said...

You've inspired me to give this thing a go. I've got a little blog on facebook but people there don't seem interested in reading the musings of a weirdo...

Good read BTW :)