Monday, 23 February 2009

CCTV for Dog Shit

Whilst in my lovely back yard I had the privilege of hearing the most ridiculous conversation I have ever heard. It goes.

Charva women number 1: "There's a fuckin. big bit there."

Charva women number 2: "A NAAAAA. There's a a fuckin big pile of shit down there
an alll."

Charva women number 1: "It must be fuckin people walking their fucking dogs

It was at this point that my brain nearly had an aneurysm as my laughing was so severe. I thought to myself these two women are hilarious. Not only are they some sort of a genius detective duo, they are also hoping that the culprit is in ear shot (which was about 50 meters)and now knows that they are on to them. I could imagine some wolf hound somewhere frantically packing his bags and looking for his doggy passport. Thinking, "My god they are on to me."

But that was not the end of it:

Charva women number 2: "Eye ave phoned the fuckin council like. Ive told
them. A want fuckin cameras in the street to watch
for all this shit man."

I cant imagine the inner workings of a brain that would seriously contemplate the spending of thousands of pounds on state of the art surveillance equipment because of two piles of dog shit.

Oh well at least it cost her money for the phone call

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Northern Gent said...

I once overheard two chavs discussing what they'd do if they won the lottery. The best they could come up with was this, and I quote, "Aye man we could buy 20 tabs a day and a bottle of vodka..."