Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Representation of the people Acts

I have just been learning about the history of the UK's legislation with regards to the electoral system. Basically it is a piece of legislation that is aimed at limiting corruption or illegal acts in the electoral system and it has had lots of amendments through the last 150 years.

Learning about it was a stark reminder that as a country and indeed as humans we are not that advanced. (this is my opinion) Yes we may be, in comparisons to other less developed countries that have very stringent religous beliefs, or full on war monger dictators or who have on some level been ripped apart by the western world by putting war mongers in power through the ages.

But learning about the Representation of People act has made me realise that our nation will, and has through time only responded to situations through the the actions of mass groups.
Take the most significant reform of 1918 of women's right to vote. I say women's as if it suggests all. Not infact all but only those who meet the residentual status that the government of that time warrants and providing they are over 30. Men at this time had the right to vote as long as they resided somewhere and were over 21. Hmmmmm if women were given that pleasure post world war 1 then they would have dominated the voting population of britain as most of the men were very dead. I wonder if the world would have changed. I wonder why they werent given this right. (this is sarcasim)
Through subsequent years the next major reform would effect what I would call the second biggest down trodden group. Those affected by age. Such reforms saw women under 30 allowed to vote then all people under 21 to 18.
In recent years changes have regarded groups of poeple like ex pats, people on holliday, convicts and disabled people.
So whats my point?
My point is that I dont like change to a certain area of life or type of person being solely effected over time as a numbers game. I want to live in a world were the system (which is what I am going to term as the powers at be, goverment and high industry leaders, oh and the military bastards) drip feeds change to people as a direct result of pressure that a mass group places on them.
I want to live in a world where, yes we look after the interests of groups who need help most but dont look after groups of people who dont have the numbers to kick up a fuss.
How do you do this.
I think from the bottom up.

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Northern Gent said...

Ha! Amendments which is basically just a posh word for moving the goal posts, to where ever the powers that be see fit.

There are no structured systems, rules or laws, well nothing that cant be amended... There's just a bunch of people at the top deciding things. The problem with most people knower days is that they don't seek to know what their rights are, therefore when they get shafted they don't even know it. We've had this fake world of needless crap built up around us, and now we're all to interested in the shiny shiny to worry about the fact that there's a new world order/big brother state fast closing in on us..

I've been reading a lot about America putting dictators into power, even Saddam hussein was apparently (allegedly) designed by the Yanks, just to give them a reason to invade iraq. Its all meticulously planned, years in advance, so that when their plans come to fruition, no one batters an eyelid. Its no wonder people dismiss this sort of stuff as crazy, but the people in power WILL go to those lengths to gain control over our minds..

I had a point to make, then forgot it.... shit! Good blog tho.