Thursday, 11 June 2009

Too Broad A Church Mixes: Part 5 Disco Face Fuck

Took disco tinged tracks by the ears and gave them a right royal working.

Click link for the face fuck:

1, Justus Kohncke "Parage" (Kompakt)
2, DJ T. "Philly" (Get physical)
3, Zwicker "I get my kicks at midnight". Lexx dub (compost)
4, Tiefschwarz "Renix" (Classic)
5, Justus Kohncke "Overhead" (Kompakt)
6, Martina Topley-Bird "I still feel" (Independiente)
7, Chaim "Da move de beat" (B pitch contol)
8, LFO "Freak" (Warp)
9, George Morel "Lets take drugs" (Yoshitoshi)
10, Colder "Crazy love" Reworks crazy love (Output)
11, Mathew Jonson "Sub-Atomic" (Cocoon)
12, Avril "Be yourself" Laurent Garnier rework (F Com)

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