Thursday, 9 July 2009

Part 8: Too Broad A Church. Chaos Theory

What the inside of an Atom may sound like?
Click for yes or no

1, Aphex Twin "Nannou" (Warp)
2, Even Tuell "Untitled B1" (White label)
3, Mikael Weill "Silmarions" (Time to form recordings)
4, Peter Van Hoesen "Trusted" (Time to express records)
5, Williams "Shivering" (Love triangle music)
6, Ellen Allien & Apparat "Do not break" (BPitch control)
7, Ame "Enoi" (Innervissions)
8, Tim Xavier "Deception de Real. Ambivalent remix (Clink)
9, Criss Source "Hugs N Kisses" (Vendetta Records)
10, Arnauld Le Texier & Yosi Aem "He is alive" (Safari electronique)
11, Holmes Vs Alter Ego (Unknown)

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