Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Too Broad A Church Live 10/05/10

Too Broad A Church is an underground dance music show covering the genres of House (deep/prog/tech) Techno, Breaks, Dub and Drum and bass. Every Monday 9-11pm GMT I’ll give you the best in new music from around the world and introduce you to new talent of DJ’s and Producers. Priority airtime will be given So if you want the opportunity to be heard on the air get in touch.

Too Broad A Church is your weekly dose of illicit beats.

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Play List

Broad Bean Band “Oki Doki” Fish go deep dub (We Collect Enemies)
Jules De Pearl “Jackson” (My Best Friend)
Mark Hemming & Den “La Galaxyia llorona” (Trapez)
Leeks “Adhesive” (Trapez)
Music Box “Wake Up Doggy” (Lydia)
Bass Clef “Promises” (Blank Tapes)
Bass Clef “Heartbroken Soca Cascade” (Blank Tapes)
Hess is More “Broadway Ukulele” (Nublu)
Parov Stellar “Faith” Walkner Hitenaus remix (Etage Noir)
Hess is More “Igor goes to Hollywood” (Nublu)
La Fleur “Flowerhead” (Powerplant recordings)
Kaiser Disco “Pitaya” (My Best Friend)
Bass Clef “You do my head in” (Blank tapes)
Andrea Fiorito “Zoraida” (Cynosure)
Mathias Kaden “Kawaba” DJ Kose Kosi- san remix (Vakant)
Extrawelt “Tim Says” (Traum)
Riley Reinhold “Get A Splash” Alex Reuter remix (My Best Friend)
Heartthrob “Golum”
Artist of the week:
Bass Clef
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